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 Strength and corrosion resistance 
for your alloys even at high temperatures


Examples of ferromolybdenum

Parked Cars

resistance increase

 Alloy Steels 

lightweight cars, pipelines, bridges,

transportation and manufacturing

Image by Harpal Singh

Design flexibility and extended lifespan

 Stainless Steel 

structural components,
Facades, handrails, doors, light and sun protection devices

Image by Mihály Köles

In highly corrosive environments

 Super Alloy 

Flue gas desulfurization and stream gas emissions


More about ferromolybdenum


The main mines are in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Peru and Chile. Molybdenite may be the only mineralization present in an orebody but is often associated with the sulphide minerals of other metals, particularly copper.


Molybdenum is produced into pure molybdenum powder in a two-stage hydrogen reduction process. The mined ore is crushed, ground, mixed with a liquid and aerated in a flotation process to separate the metallic minerals from the rock.


Ferro has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion of any engineering material.
Various ores contain molybdenum, but only molybdenite (MoS2) is used in the manufacture of marketable molybdenum products.

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